Viktorians did not make one of the most important matches in fights for the title. They lost 3-1 to the biggest rival Slavia Praha at Sinobo stadium. The leading team of FORTUNA:LIGA jumped to 5-point margin.

Play-offs 2, Sun 12th May 2019, 18:00, Sinobo Stadium

Slavia: Kolář – Coufal, Ngadeu, Deli, Bořil – Král, Souček – Masopust, Hušbauer (76. Traoré), Olayinka (69. Stoch) – van Buren (64. Škoda)

Plzeň: Hruška – Řezník, Hejda, Brabec, Limberský – Procházka, Hrošovský – Kayamba (60. Kovařík), Hořava (82. Chorý), Kopic – Beauguel (78. Bakoš)

Goals: 81. Masopust, 87. Souček (pen.), 89. Traoré – 90+1. Kovařík, YC: Kayamba, Procházka, Hořava, Řezník, Hejda, Referees: Zelinka – Paták, Hájek.
Attendance: 18,327.

The home team opened the match in a better pace. After a long pass of Lukáš Masopust Peter Olayinka got to ball, however, Aleš Hruška was more successful in this moment. Josef Hušbauer took a corner to Simon Deli but also his header was stopped by the goalkeeper.

The game calmed down a bit after a rushed opening, a hint of dangerous chance was seen 30 minutes into the game. Joel Kayamba settled a fast break, crossed to Jan Kopic who attempted to shoot, nevertheless, his effort was blocked by defence. The ball rebounded to Patrik Hrošovský and the midfielder aimed close to target. The first half was goalless.

The biggest chance of Slavia was right at the begining of second half. Viktorians lost the ball after their corner and the hosts run in three towards the only defender. Fortunately, Lukáš Masopust’s crossed ball was missed by Peter Olayinka in front of uncovered goal.

Pavel Vrba prepared the first substitution for the 60th minute. Joel Kayamba was replaced by Jan Kovařík. He immediately participated in the game and had a pure goal chance. He received the ball from Radim Řezník but hit only upright, soon after that Jean-David Beauguel shot above Kolář.

Finally, Plzeň regretted their lost chance more because they had to suffer the last 10 minutes of the match. First, Jan Bořil cooperated with Lukáš Masopust who scored, 6 minutes later Tomáš Souček executed the penalty kick and in the 89th minute substitutes Stoch – Traoré increased the score to 3-0.

Jan Kovařík adjusted the result in stoppage time to 1-3 but it changed nothing.

Jan Kovařík’s Commentary

Viktorians regretted most the missed chance of Jan Kovařík in the 63th minute. “Unfortunately, I didn‘t score and then we conceded a goal. Those moments were the crucial ones of the match,” Jan Kovařík admitted. 

Slavia‘s leading margin 3 rounds till the end of the season is 5 points. “We’ll do our best to fight till the end, this is not the end yet. There’re still 9 points to fight for, we’re losing 5 points. We have to try hard and win,“ Kovařík said before the end fo the season.