FC Viktoria Plzeň (FCVP) decided to broaden their activities into the world of console games. At the moment they are running a project focused on FIFA section, into which they involved currently the best Czech player Lukáš Pour who plays under nickname T9Laky. Other players will fight for Viktoria within the cooperation with organization Inaequalis (INAE).

Viktoria started to disscuss the cooperation with INAE in January this year. “Although it’s the environment, which is only in progress in Czech football, Viktoria see its potential. We can approach many our supporters, gain new ones and of course we can also connect our fans and partners of the club,“ the CEO Adolf Šádek said to the new contract.

The first success came soon, in April T9Laky confirmed his present-day dominance in the world of games and reached the iSport League finals. “I‘m happy Viktoria showed their interest in me and morover that Plzeň is going to enter this world. I’m glad I can represent Viktoria’s colours because it‘s a chance for me to get better and increase my credit. I believe this cooperation will be convenient for both sides and we’ll reach at least the success that Viktoria reaches on the pitch,“ the best Czech FIFA19 player T9Laky does not hide enthusiasm.

Within the cooperation with Inaequalis other top players will play for Viktoria Plzeň at tournaments. These players will be chosen according to their standing. Each player of INAE also has to observe the rules of good manners. “Nowadays, many people berate children how much time they spent at screens, such as phones, tablets or PC. In Inaequalis we strive not to fight against the latest trend of screens and online games, however, we try to find balance between e-sport and traditional sport. When we started to discuss our partnership with Viktoria Plzeň it was clear to all of us that we were at the beginning of unique conception of football that all of us love and that can connect people. And why Viktoria Plzeň? Inaequalis was established in Plzeň. Plzeň is in our hearts,“ the president of organization INAE Jan Paček explains the logic of this connection.

A part of this project are promotional events and activities for fans. Viktoria will have their own Twitch channel where T9Laky will regularly comment on his weekend matches as well as will learn amateur players particular skills in tutorials called “Play like Laky“.

Fans can look forward to a new special collection in cooperation with Puma, which will be available in Viktoria‘s fanshop from the new season, and there will also be some challenges and fights with some of the A-team players.

Inaequalis was established in 2011 as organization for all fair players regardless their playing skills and its goal is to provide place for players’ training in all leagues. In 2015 they found non-profit organization where they put emphasis on good manners and gathering players in real life. They do not support any violence games and try to instil fair-play values in young players. They also help to protect them in virtual life. At the moment they are organization with the highest number of players in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia, too.