Perfect football Sunday on Viktoria! Shortly after noon, more than 300 people showed up for the special pre-match event taking place at U Zvonu hub station. After that, Viktorians handled the special match dedicated to CNMDR Foundation splendidly, as they defeated Liberec in Doosan Arena 4:1.

"The match dedicated to the Foundation as well as the side events turned out really well. We noticed a great interest both in joining the Registry and in gaining information about the Foundation, which made us happy. We want to express many thanks to Viktoria as well as to all the people who supported us. We deeply appreciate it," stated the CNMDR deputy Vanda Staňková, who, together with the Viktoria president Tomáš Paclík, personally presented new donor cards to Jakub Brabec, T9Laky, Pedro and Marek Ztracený.

Statistically said: The Foundation tram was visited by more than 300 fans who donated to CNMDR by buying a special poster. Directly on the spot, tens of fans joined the Registry.

Inside the tram, a signing session took place, starring singer Marek Ztracený, Viktorian legend Daniel Kolář, current centre-back Jakub Brabec, youtuber Pedro and the best Czech esports player Lukáš Pour aka T9Laky.

All of the above-mentioned personalities gave their autographs on special posters, which could be purchased for 49 crowns or more, at donor’s discretion. All the proceeds were donated directly to the Bone marrow transplant foundation.

The celebrities also joined the Donor Registry themselves, along with tens of fans. "It’s a nice feeling. When the guys form Viktoria called me and wanted me to join the Registry, I even felt stupid I was not already a member," said Marek Ztracený, smiling. "If this can help, I’ll be only glad to help," added the Czech singer and artist.

Youtuber Pedro was excited about the event, especially about the attendance. "To be honest, I didn’t imagine so many people would show up, considering the bad weather before the match. We kept signing the whole time, it was great," he said. "I hope even more people will join us and become donors. It’s a good thing and I hope we will help somebody someday," he said, encouraging potential donors.

The Pilsen players added up to this successful afternoon, as they defeated Liberec 4:1. In addition, Viktorians carried the CNMDR logo on their backs for the first time in the Czech league. "It’s a good thing and we are glad we could support such event," said Roman Procházka, who started the turnover with his equalizer.

Our support of the Foundation definitely does not stop here. Even you can help, for example just by sending a DMS. You will find more information on the websites