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​Champions League hopes faded, Viktoria lost the rematch 4-1
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​Champions League hopes faded, Viktoria lost the rematch 4-1

On 2nd August Viktoria Plzeň played the 3rd-qualifying-round match of the Champions League. At the Doosan Arena Viktorians tried to retain the 1st match result 2-2 that was played in Bucharest. Plzeň declared that they would continue in offensive game that they performed in Bucharest.

Jan Kopic jumped in attacking right at the beginning of the match but his attempt flew on the goalkeeper Nita. Alibec and Enachem wanted to response immediately after that on 12 minutes but they failed. 5 minutes later Michael Krmenčík had an effort on goal, however, he only hit an outer upright. Viktoria had more chances on goal in this phase of the match but soon after that they conceded a quick goal. Balasa executed a free kick and opened the score of the match - 0-1. The game moved up and down after this goal and the fans could not see any dangerous chance until the break.

Viktoria entered the 2nd half with a plan to at least equaize the score. They made the first substitution when on 54 Milan Petržela replaced Martin Zeman. Nevertheless, all their effort finished in front of the 18-yard box of the FCSB. That was the reason why the midfielder Tomáš Hořava was sent on the pitch. On 65 minutes the Doosan Arena waited to see the goal of their team. Zeman´s centre pass aimed to Řezník who crossed it to Krmenčík and he scored - 1-1! The equal score held only 5 minutes. Teixeira was given too much space in the 6-yard box and scored as well - 1-2. On 76 and 78 minutes Viktoria´s Champions League chances dissappeared when Tanase and Alibec added two goals and the final score of the match was 1-4. At the end of the match Michael Krmenčík was shown a red card. The final whistle sent Viktoria to the Europa League play off.

3rd qualifying round, Wed 2nd Aug 2017, 20:15, Doosan Arena

FC Viktoria Plzeň - FCSB 1:4 (0:1)

Plzeň: Bolek – Řezník, Hejda, Hájek, Havel – Živulič (63. Hořava), Hrošovský – Petržela (54. Zeman), Kolář (C) (77. Bakoš), Kopic – Krmenčík.

FCSB: Niță – Popescu (73. Achim), Balasa, Momčilović, Morais – Pintilii, Teixeira – Enache, Man (46. Larie), Tănase (83. Gnohéré) – Alibec (C).

Goals: 65. Krmenčík – 27. Balasa, 71. Teixeira, 76. Tănase, 79. Alibec (pen.), YC: Petržela, Řezník, Živulič, Havel, Krmenčík, Hrošovský, Bolek, Bakoš – Pintilii, Balasa, Grecu, Alibec, RC: 88. Krmenčík, Referees: Hernandez – Sobrino, Naranjo (všichni ESP).
Crowd: 10802.



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