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Viktorians became bone marrow donors. Join us!
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Viktorians became bone marrow donors. Join us!

The Czech National Marrow Donor Registry has widened its pool for new members from FC Viktoria Plzeň! A-team players, juniors and U19 players, members of club, coaches and fans representatives decided to support the fund by joining the Registry.

We do as we promised!

"To give anyone a chance for life or even save someone's life - that is far more for all of us. I'm so glad we as a club can help," the club's president Tomáš Paclík said at a press conference in September. "Our partnership with the Registry has a long-time character. We were thinking about how to draw attention to the importancy of voluntary donation of bone marrow and to increase the number of donors again," he added with the information that other activities will follow.

The first one has happened today. Those A-team players, who have not been donors of CNMDR so far, have joined it today. Most junior team members as well as U19 members, i.e. the team playing UEFA Youth League, have involved as well. Some of the youth teams' coaches, club's employees and fans' representatives supported this act, too. Everyone of age 18 – 35 who is healthy and willing to help a good thing.

"We're very happy that by this activity we can point out the fact how easy it is to join the Registry. We hope other events will follow and the rest of the team will join us soon. We're planning to organize a special match, during which it will be possible to join the Registry right at the stadium," a member of the club's top management Jaromír Hamouz reveals. "We hope we inspire other organizations, fans and others," he adds.

Today Hitrádio FM Plus and Plzeňský Deník newspapers, both media partners of Viktoria Plzeň, have supported the action right at the stadium.

The steps are easy. All you have to do is to register at www.kostnidren.cz and then visit any of the donor centres. All information is available at the mentioned websites. Except necessary paperwork it is enough to collect a saliva sample in order to join the Registry. Viktoria's defender Luděk Pernica underwent this method right at a press conference about a month ago, so he became another of so needed marrow donors.

"Since that press conference till the following Viktoria's match our websites' attendance increased multiple times. Everyone who attended it also aimed to the website where they could find out the requirements to join the Registry," the chairman of CNMDR Pavel Jindra says. "We have noticed an increased interest for joining the registry since September. For example, even during the matches' kick off several hundreds of visitors were at our websites at the time. We're very happy Viktorians will join us now," he adds.


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