Connection between the football club Viktoria Plzeň and the company Doosan Škoda Power becomes unique in Czech context. 14 years of this partnership has been prolonged thanks to a new contract, which is a prove of functionality, cooperation and most of all mutual trust. “It’s not only about business. I perceive this act as a significant reward of our work and expressing mutual respect,“ the president of Viktoria Tomáš Paclík said when signing the contract.

The new contract with the general partner has been signed for two next seasons. Doosan Škoda Power will welcome fans at the stadium in Štruncovy sady by the unchanged name of the stadium Doosan Arena. The name of general partner will be worn on jerseys by players in the domestic and European leagues.

“This continuted partnership with Viktoria Plzeň means for us not only a connection of two successful teams but also a support of football through generations. We link to long-term tradition of which our employees are proud. Thanks to mutual cooperation we fought into the most prestigious European football league. We celebrate success at home and abroad, too, and it’s not only on football pitch but in the field of power-producing business as well. We deeply appreciate long-standing cooperation with FC Viktoria Plzeň and an opportunity to extend our common activities in terms of social responsibility. Plzeň, FC Viktoria and Doosan Škoda Power simply belong together,“ the CEO of Doosan Škoda Power Jiří Šmondrk stated.

“The best and the most firm connections are the one that develop and undergo some experience. Viktoria and Doosan Škoda Power shared together a long was on the top of Czech football as well as in the elite European leagues, including the best one, i.e. UEFA Champions League. We’re really glad we could provide this advertisement to our general partner in front of millions football supporters and I believe we can continue in that. The competition becomes stronger but if we keep going to the common goals as we do it now with Doosan, I believe further success will come,“ Tomáš Paclík added on topic of signing the contract.

Doosan Škoda Power 

Doosan Škoda Power is a modern, dynamic company supplying high performance steam turbines, which rightly belongs to the best ones on the global market. The company has rich experience and references in application for fossil, steam, nuclear, solar or geothermal power stations as well as for biomass incinerators. Investments to research and development is taken for granted as well as following new trends and innovations. On a long-term basis the company supports not only football in Plzeň but technical education in Region of Plzeň, too. The essential part of the company’s philosphy is also a support of local nonprofit organizations by regular volunteer days or financial aid.